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    Apr 26, 2017
    I promised my wife I would build her a chicken coop/club house...I know nothing of chicken coops, I know construction. So I have a few pics that I am basing my design off of and have started the build of a 10'x12' chicken clubhouse that is elevated 2' off of the ground. This clubhouse will have a center dividing wall running the width of the 10' span splitting the building into two 10'x6' spaces. The front half will be a hangout with storage and whatever my wife wants in there and the back half will be for sleeping chickens and whatever else chickens do inside.

    Now my question; I have the framework made and want to lay my subfloor down but do I use a subfloor and tongue and groove pine for flooring or cedar. Or do I not put a subfloor and do either pine or cedar decking...[​IMG]
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    I wouldn't suggest decking. The rounded edges on decking will catch lots of dirt, dust, and other stuff in the grooves. T&G is kinda overkill in a chicken coop. Lots of people lay linoleum on top of plywood for easy cleaning. Others just paint the plywood. But if you want something really nice, go with the T&G, definitely not decking boards.
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    I used pressure treated plywood in mine, and PT wood for anything else that would see the elements. Glued and screwed the plywood every 8 inches just because I could. Well, that and it is a 10 mile journey from the parents pole barn to my house.





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