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    Because of an unexpected move, I'm selling my entire flock of Toulouse. Toulouse are grey geese that can reach weights of 30 lbs or more. They are recognized by the ALBC as a threatened breed, especially the Buff variation which counts for less then 15% of the entire population.

    I am selling two 13 month old Buff Geese from my breeding flock. They are great birds and they have done very well at every show I have taken them to. Arlette, seen in the second and third photos, and on the left in the first photo, is a better quality bird. She has won more awards and has a deeper keel then her sister. Cossette, the other goose, is a pet. She is friendly and loves to be cuddled with. She eats out of hands and loves being held. She has been to tons of petting zoos and always behaves wonderfully with children. Her only bad habit is that she loves jewelry! She'll nibble at watches, bracelets, and necklaces, and will even look to see if you are wearing one on every occasion.




    They both laid eggs and hatched goslings this last year. Their goslings are growing out really well and are looking promising.

    They are available for pick up in the Bakersfield/Tahoe area in central CA. I can also ship them if needed. They are $150 each

    Thank you,

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