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    We have had chickens, laying hens and meat chickens, for 4 years. This years batch of 4-H meat chickens is very bazzar! We had a 2-3 week old peep with, what I'm sure was an impacted crop, hard crop, chicken not growing, etc... They are now 8 weeks old. One of our biggest cocks had a large softball sized tumor-like crop. We culled it and it had so much food in it, about 1-2 pounds of food! The crop was soft and gooey. When I palpated the crop, it felt like fluid, not food, and definately not hard. Could that still be impacted crop? They do have access to some small stones. They are on a 28% crumble. It is a shame, the bird was beautiful. Perfect breast conformation and as plump as a meatball. Could have been a champion! Now he's in the freezer. Is he okay to eat?
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    sounds like sour crop, it can prevent the chicken from being able to properly break down food in the crop. this would explain why there was so much in it after you culled it. a sour crop will also feel squishy like you described. it's from bad bacteria getting in there
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