large roll out nest pads?


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May 6, 2015
Hey everyone

Does anyone know where I can buy large roll out nest pads? All the ones I can find are either 12x12 or 12x13. I am making my nesting boxes now and was going to do 14 deep and 14 wide. If I could find a large sheet that I could custom cut to fit that would be best.

Im kinda going after Opas design, and from what I understood his are 14 wide and it looks like his pads fit snug side to side. I have tried going to the link that he posted, but it does not work anymore.
I ordered some astro turf and used that in my nesting boxes. The gals don't seem to mind that its green and haven't pecked on it like it is grass. When I cut it I just used a lighter to melt the frayed edges. I've been using it since feb and no ill effects yet.

Were you using it in a roll out hen box? I've heard different opinions about that stuff and the eggs not rolling
I'm not against brushing it into 1 direction and the placing a board on top of it and letting it set in the sun for awhile to help keep its form. I'm also not against increasing the angle of the floor so that it helps it roll. I just don't know what the max degree the floor can be before the hen doesn't want to lay on it. with my math and opas posts I believe his slope to be about 8.1 degrees.

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