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We have a Golden campine, 11 months old, who looks like she has an extremely large uniboob? I know it sounds silly, but what the heck? She has been like this for about 2 months. Has only layed 3-4 eggs in this time, used to be a good egg layer (I can tell how many eggs she has layed because she is our only white egg layer) It does not feel hot, just really gooshy and full of fluid, almost like congestive heart failure? Her comb coloring is bluish and has been, she runs (well tries to run but her boob gets in the way, it is so big that it almost drags on the ground) and she seems to be out of breath. Some days it seems like the fluid goes down and the next day it will be back to full of fluid again? can chickens get congestive heart failure.? She doesnt seem to be in pain, but I dont speak chicken? any suggestions???
I have read somewhere, but I cant remember where, that a sagging crop is caused by a muscle that has elasticised/stretched. I dont think there was a recommended treatment. Perhaps a small push up bra?
I was on here searching for sour crop and came across your post. I would suggest reading up on this. It is sounding like you are dealing with what I am with one of my hens. I have tried isolating her and feeding her differently and have helped to empty the crop but it has returned. If you have questions I can share more of the symptoms and the things I have tried.....good luck....
That's a good question regarding whether or not chickens can get CHF. Not sure on that, but I could see how that could happen.

Our Henrietta has a similar problem. She *was* a beautiful FBCM that I believed to be show quality, and I was looking forward to breeding her. The day we moved, as soon as we let the chickens out at the new place, our light brahma, Brenda, (they had lived together forever) flipped out and beat the living snot out of my poor Henrietta. She had a broken hip and began to limp. Then Brenda came at her again about 10 days later. Brenda kept coming at her, and we had to literally pull Brenda off of her. Brenda has since been rehomed, and Henrietta has not been able to lay eggs since. She only laid for a week. She has the uniboob/pendulous crop thing now, too, and her comb is now flopped over & she has a permanent limp.

She eats bugs and forages and is all over the yard with the rest of the flock, so she still hasa good life; but she can no longer get on the roost to sleep & sleeps under them at night and comes out covered with poo every morning.
I have a red sex link with a huge uni-boob going on, I have managed to get it to go down only a few times then it comes right back. She eats and seems to be happy but looks so werid. She is still laying eggs too. I had one of my black astralops do the same but I was able to treat her and she has recovered. I think the muscle has become so stretched that it just can't go back.
You need to get a syringe (the kind without a needle) and a catheter tube. Attach one end of the tube to the syringe and insert the other end down your chicken's throat into her crop. Pull the plunger back to suck out the liquid that is in her crop.

What she has is sour crop and if she has had it that long, she is likely to be getting ill. It means she has not been able to properly digest food for that long, and the food she has taken in is now rotting in her crop. It starts as impacted crop; an enlarged crop with a hard mass in it. It goes soft when it rots and becomes sour crop.

Once you clear her crop, make sure she has access to grit so she can digest properly. Feel free to research this. Some sites will recommend surgery, but if you are inexperienced with safely cutting open a live animal, I wouldn't recommend it. This is a desperate situation. Take care of it asap.
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