Last episode "Under the Dome."


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Nov 27, 2008
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I watched the whole series and thought it was pretty good....until last night at the very end of the last episode. I was expecting the Dome to come down or something else to happen. But instead it left me hanging as to what happened to all the people. GRRRR!
It looks like another TV show or series is in order to finish it up (I hope.)
I think the whole point is to drag it out as long as possible, otherwise it wouldn't be a series. They would have known by now if they were picked up for another season, so my guess is that is will be back. I really liked this show, each week had me wondering what was going to happen next. My guess is by the end of next season, big Jim will be dead. I hope Jr. comes around and sees the truth, but he may end up becoming the "bad guy" in the future.

I may cave in and read the book before the next season starts...

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