Last min. cancelations .. grr


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
So I run a house cleaning company and a client just called and left a voice mail on my phone. Their Mom has been there the last week from out've town and she's been cleaning like crazy, so they will skip this clean and start back on the next one
(In two weeks)
Really, I was counting on the money.. Shoot why are people so like that.. I know cause I let them be..
gonna call him back tomorow and tell him ..... "Fill in the blank"
Shoot I really needed that money.. Their cleaning should be at 1pm tomorow, really not even 24hrs notice.. They are rich so they have no idea what it's like to count on the money..
Should I not buy groceries or not pay insurance.. Just went back to school shopping with dd.. That could have waited if I had known!!!
When I had a lady coming in to clean for me (and let me just say that I loved her more than ANYBODY!), I think I cancelled on her once. I picked up a highly contagious bug from my nieces and woke up that morning sick as a dog. I was pretty sure she wouldn't want to be exposed to it and she agreed. She just came later in the week after I decontaminated the house. I paid her at the beginning of each month though for the whole month. I mostly didn't care when she came to clean so I was happy for her to rearrange me as she needed. I think I made three requests for specific cleaning days and she was happy to accomodate those. She was AWESOME!
She was the last thing I cancelled when I found out my job was going away. She will be the first thing I add back if I ever find another decent paying job. I miss her.
do you have a "cancellation policy"?? My FIL is a window cleaner and charges a "wasted trip fee" if he goes to a property to do inside windows and the person isn't home.

I would really consider doing that. Require at least 24 hours notice or they pay 50% of the fee.
BUT, if you get ugly about it, or about anyone else, you may lose the job in the future. Just make a point to thank them next time, and smile while saying that you are so glad to be here today, because that last time really left you in the lurch. And not to count your chickens before they hatch!

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