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  1. Okay, Quail eggs... Should I add water??? Before I put eggs and let it set in? or add water when I add the eggs or wait till their in lock down????

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    Some run a "dry" incubator, I would recommend running your incubator at 40%-50% humidity until lock-down then bump it up to 60%-70%. But "when" should you put the water in? you should have it all set up before you set your eggs in the bator. Good luck and happy hatching!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Correct!! I usually have the bator run for 24 hours before adding the eggs. This will let you know if temps & humidity are steady before you add the eggs.
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    With all quail...never-ever run a dry incubator. That will cause shrink wrapping and egg deaths. 50-60% until lock down, 70%-75% until hatch. Definitely add water before eggs and do like 7L said and run your set up 24 hours before you set. Heck, when I'm removing the little fuzzbutts from the 'bator...I even have a spray bottle that I'll mist the remaining eggs with.

    I don't know what model of incubator you have, but the this is a good read

    close attention to post #10, Joe125 has been successfully raising quail for years and should heed his advice.

    Good luck with your incubator do it once and you'll be hooked [​IMG]

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