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    Oct 20, 2015
    I know I have been making threads non stop, and I'm sure some of you have started getting annoyed xD, but I have one more question, I'm getting my male frill three new friends, two female and one male frills like him, I have had this frill 4 weeks and he is eating out of my hand, sitting on my knee and arm, and will let me touch him sometimes, but if I got the three other frills, would he still be bonded to me, and would the other frills eventually bond with me too? Just to be clear, they live in an aviary, and have lotsa space,
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    Don't ever worry about asking questions here - that's a big part of what this site is here about. He will always remain 'tame' to you, but his primary bond will most likely be to whichever hen he picks as his mate. The others will become socialized to you, but probably not to the same degree as your first bird. As a kid I had an Emden gander that was bonded to me. When he was 2 years old I bought 6 goslings. Within 24 hours he discovered that he was a goose, adopted the goslings and switched his primary bonding to them.
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    I hatched and raised a performance pigeon under ringneck doves, and got her other rock dove breeds, she was as tame as any and stayed that way till I had to rehome them (then they went feral from no contact, till got some back and they reverted back tame).
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    Oct 24, 2009
    Please don't stop asking questions... this is what this forum is all about.. no questions will make it really boring lol.

    Yes you pigeon will still remain tame... and it will help the new ones over come their initial fears of you.
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    May 20, 2012
    I agree! When there are less people asking questions on BYC it gets very boring and I have to resort to trying to count to a million [​IMG] lol
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