Last remaining chook - will she get lonely?


10 Years
Dec 26, 2009
Hi folks,

Lost a chook today which only leaves one left. Will she be lonely? Should I get a couple more? I want to but I'm worried about introducing them to her as she has always been the bossy one. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

If you get her some friends, she will probably be the head hen, no matter where she was on the pecking order before. I would get her some friends. Atleast 2 more, chickens are very social creatures, when I was down to only 1, my dog and my hen became very good friends.
You should most definitely get her some friends, maybe 10 or 20, at least.
LOL 10 or 20 !!!

I went out and got two 12 week old girls for her to boss around. I let them look at each other for a few hours then let them mingle (they have the whole farm to wander around) - well, long story short - now i have two 12 week old chooks up a tree who refuse to come down for love or money (or food). I haven't had them this young before so learning on the fly - no pun intended. I will wait till it gets dusk at retrieve them. Do the little ones need different feed to the hen?

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