Late Bloomers?


5 Years
Jul 10, 2014
Yesterday I had 10 of my 16 eggs in my incubator hatch. Today I had one. The thing that I am confused about is one of the eggs that I had candled and knew there was a chick in there has not hatched. I candled again today to see what was going on. There is something definitely in there, but I didn't see any movement. There is also no pipping. Is it more than likely something has happened to this chick?
I personaly would give it another day to give them a chance. I have had some hatch up to 2 days late. Sometimes they will die in the shell just before hatching, I don't know why. My last batch that hatched had 3 eggs out of 40 eggs that died in the shell just before they hatched.

Good luck! Hope they all hatch!
No. If they are alive they should be moving around. If you candle them you should be able to see them move around and hear them pipping.
Did not see any movement or hear anything. So I took tweezers and pipped them myself and saw they were gone. I opened the egg up and one of them had a really large green growth on it. What was that?

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