Late egg that I thought was dead started chirping...

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Sunshine0235, Feb 17, 2015.

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    So my hatch day was Fri, the 13th. One egg hatched thursday, one hatched friday, and one hatched Saturday. Nothing else. I had poke holes in the air cell of the eggs Saturday night, and no movement in them. But I left them in there, humidity was not up at this point. So now that its Tuesday I went to go clean it out, and one egg is chirping, I can see the beak from where I poked a hole, but it hasn't started it own hole yet. I immediately ran and got water to up the humidity, but should there be anything else I should do? It doesn't look shrink wrapped from what I can tell.

    I know not to mess with it too much, but this was a big shock to me. When I was opening the ends, I touched it with the pin I was using to open them up, and no movement from any of them. But this chick is 4 days late, so any tips other than let nature take its course? It seems to be chirping pretty loudly.
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    If the chirping just started i'd give it a chance to zip. if it doesnt just be prepared to help, maybe its deformed and can't poke out? I do remember reading something similar or perhaps its in an awkward position where it can't get it's neck out to zip. Go with your gutt.

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