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    I had 2 babies hatch at 21 days and I have 5 left in the Bator. These 2 took a full 12-15hrs to break through after pip. 1 I thought pip too and it was just cracked I think from the fluffies bouncy around. Any how I opened it a little, it was alive with yolk so I covered it with a moist towel and put it back. I keep smelling to make sure he hasn't died. It's been 3 days since then no others have piped and the other (I peeked today) still has healthy color and fluid around him. I also quickly candled 3 eggs 2 had a vein and 1 Was sloshy so disposed of it. Should I keep waiting? I do know my digital thermometer was wrong and about 5 degrees off for at lest 2 weeks. Should I bump up the temp or leave them since they have been surviving this long at the low temp. I just don't want to put them in shock after so long. The 2 babies don't seem to want to be as hot in their brooder. They hang out on the side in the mid 90's never under the light, that's why I haven't bumped the eggs.

    Options appreciated!

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    If you are saying they are hanging in the area that is temp of mid 90's. They need a temp of around 95 so that would be normal. I would give the one chick that was half hatch. sugar water or vitamin (chicken vitamins like sav-a-chick) water. He may also have absorbed the yolk. i would dribble warm water down his back and try to get him moist. If he is stuck in the shell the moisture will help him escape. It sounds like you may just want to leave the unopened one a little while longer.
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    [​IMG] First of all, read these threads:

    Incubating & Hatching Eggs Important Topic Index - Please Review

    There's an excellent thread there on helping chicks hatch which helped me enormously!
    The lower incubation temperature could've caused the chicks to develop slower, so don't toss the unhatched eggs just yet. I've had a chick under a broody hatch on day 25 once. 21 Days is a good guide, but sometimes chicks can be a little late, due to temperature fluctuations, low temps or some other reason. Don't change the temperature now. But do buy a good quality thermometer! The right temperature is vital when incubating. I used a cheap, rubbish one with my first hatch and it was a disaster! We set 56 eggs and hatched 7 chicks.... I didn't count how many eggs we cooked.
    You say the chicks don't hang out under the light, so raise it a bit. 95* is a guide, let the chicks tell you if they are comfortable. If they pant they are too hot, if the huddle together they are too cold. If they run around happily, they are fine. It sounds like yours may be a bit too warm under the light, so either raise it or move it over a little, so they can decide where they want to be warmth-wise.
    Good luck with your half hatched chick!
  4. Hi, My broody has rejected 2 Minorca Chicks (black). One White Leghorn has hatched (2 days old) this chick is my only chick and hatched right on 21 days (18th) i lost another chick (White Leghorn) last night (19th) which could escape her shell and it was to late by the time i got to her/him, i did still try the "warm water method". I'm now on day 23 with 5 eggs left, will any of these hatch and can you help me with any thing else???
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    Have you candled the remaining eggs? What I do with overdue eggs is to hold them agains my ear and tap them with my fingernail. If there's a live chick in there it usually responds by moving around, cheeping or tapping back. If I don't get a response I very carefully shake the egg, to see if it "sloshes". Good sign if the egg is off, as is sniffing it. You can also try the "float test". There's a thread on it in the link I posted for you above. Fingers crossed you'll get another chick or 2.
  6. Thanks heaps I'll have a look at it and I'll try tapping and shaking the eggs. Yeah i really would like just one for the lonely little chick as a friend.

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