late hatchers come hatch along with us setting nov 12 to nov 20

Borrowing an incubator tomorrow. Will be setting about 75 black sex links on Sunday or Monday. Hope these eggs are viable because the place I kept them the temps fluctuated wildly.Hoping to hatch around Dec 9th.
hey guys,

can i join in? i have 34 call duck eggs that's due Nov. 26th.... but i received 10 more call duck eggs Nov. 14th. which means they'll be hatching Dec. 11-12th (allowing 1 day for settling as they were shipped eggs).

Well, I have fewer amounts of eggs, but we just had our first hatch of 4 and have a few more coming up. We have 4 more that are due to hatch 11/27, two to hatch 12/3, and 10 to hatch 12/7. Kinda excited and nervous about it as we are new to incubating and hatching! Our first has been fairly successful so far (3 hatched and 1 still working on it...) so I am excited to see what the next ones have. If we are good at this we may be ordering a few eggs of different breeds to introduce to our flock!
I'll join! I have 9 pullets and a silkie roo and so my fertile egg numbers are low but I'm trying to hatch some just for fun right now. I made an incubator out of a breadbox and have a broody Cochin sitting on 2 that are at day 14 I believe and one in the bator that is a day behind that I'm going to give her before lock down so she can raise that batch together and I have 4 eggs in the bator that I set on the 12th and I don't know how they are going yet as they are all colored eggs so I can't tell if they are veins or creases in the shell yet.
I would love to join. I set 54 eggs on the 13. They are mostly mixes. Some pure BCM and the rest are mixes of BCM and some other breeds. Some of the eggs come from a different set of chickens and are not fertile, but I don't know how many. These eggs were refrigerated so it will be neat to see how they do (she was selling hatching eggs for $10 a dozen and eating eggs for $4 for 18 eggs, so I went with what I could afford). The Marans eggs are not that dark but they will be fun to hatch.
I set 22 eggs on 11/12-11/13 10 of my own buff orpington and 12 EE. I cracked an egg on day 2 and I have 5 infertile leaving me with 16 moving right along.

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