Late hatching


Jun 12, 2018
Seneca Falls, NY
Anyone have any ideas what could cause some servely late hatching. My current hatch of Black East Indie are hatching well over a week. Even those that have hatched so far. One is normal sized and very active, one hatched small with shell attached to its belly that seemed to cause a hernia, the last is small as well.

The first of the small ones was active all the first day but didn’t eat which wasn’t unusual. Today it is very lethargic and droopy today. I am trying to get a mix of vitamin b and nutria-drench into her every few hours. She is still dropping and has slow breathing.
If the shell is still atched I was told to put it in teacup till the cord dries
then you may cut it close to the body
I just rechecked them all and made adjustments three days ago because of these eggs. I am just trying to figure out why these eggs are hatching out so weak right now.

my own flock eggs seem to be coming through a bit better than the eggs that got shipped from New Jersey. mine are hatching late too, but seem to be a bit stronger. The ones from jersey are even later hatching than mine were. They where supposed to hatch on the 15th. Mine just about to hatch on Sunday Monday.

but my first weak one just passed a few minutes ago.

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