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    May 13, 2016
    I realized I never did an introduction thread. First, I apologize for that. The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster. My grandfather went into the hospital in April, moved to hospice two weeks ago, and passed away last Sunday. We had his funeral Thursday and I have been working on unwinding since then. With that said Here is a bit about me!!!!

    My name is Jamie. I am just turned 30 and I live in Newberry, Florida with my husband, my amazing 2 year old son, two dogs, 1 pig and now a whole lotta birds!!! I decided earlier this year that I wanted us to have a dual purpose heritage breed flock for sure. So We started with two light brahmas and lost one to a predator. My friend then gave us two ducklings, so Patsy lived with them for a while. We got two buff brahmas, and that started our illness streak here. We lost one, the other went outside to live with Patsy and the ducks. I then got new brooder containers and got 14 light brahmas. we lost four to illness or possible overheat, we still aren't sure which of the two. Everyone moved outside several weeks ago as they were flying all over my bathroom. We then had our then third dog tear through our run fence, devour four chickens and a duck. We also had to bring one chick in that was a bit listless, and i got it a few companions. Once again, new brooder, new everything and still lost all but the brahma and a cuckoo maran cockerel I dubbed Dougal. I decided Dougal was so sweet he deserved a mixed flock of his own. First we acquired Gaelis who was an outcast from her home flock. They stayed together for a bit but she is much bigger than Dougal at the moment and was starting to peck him some, so I moved her in with the brahmas outside. We then got Dougal 14 chicks, and got two turkey poults that are inside separate. We've lost two from the 14, one that was incredibly small and I don't think did well with our new brooder outside. The other stopped eating two days ago, has been inside under heat with electrolytes, supplements etc. The rest are thriving. I have two crested cream legbars coming today as a pair that I will quarantine upstairs on our balcony for now, and 20? Hatching eggs that a friend is going to incubate and possibly brood out for me while we try to figure out what ails the babies here. I am giving everyone a dose of antibiotics to be safe. That's all in my other thread which I'll update.

    Other things about us... we have 3 acres, a garden, lots of wild blackberries, and a beautiful home. I love being outside, we like to grow our own food or hunt/fish it. We have an airboat, and love to ride the lakes and rivers.
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    Hi Jamie and welcome. No need to apologise for a late introduction -you are here with us, and thats all that counts. It appears that you certainly have had a roller-coaster past few weeks, and my sympathies go to you and your family.

    I admire your determination with the your chickens and good luck with your impending hatch.

    Best wishes

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    Hi :welcome Jamie

    Glad you could join the flock! There is certainly no need to apologise for not introducing yourself, I'm glad you have been able to now though. I've loved reading your intro. I'm sorry to read though you lost your grandfather :hugs

    It's sounds like you are very busy there with all your critters and your son. Raising animals is fantastic, really gets them into caring and learning about other living things.

    Wishing you the very best of luck for the future and enjoy BYC :frow
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Nice to meet you Jamie.

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