Late Summer Hatching ?


7 Years
Apr 2, 2016
Ft Leonard Woood, Missouri
Hi folks...first time on this forum. I have a variety of chicken breeds,,,all brown egg an ornery roo who is still in "chicken jail" for picking on some of my older hens.

Any hoo...dear hubs bought me a Brinsea Incubator for my early Birthday gift and I am hankering to use it. We live in Missouri where most often the warmer months extend into October but here, ya never know.

I am wondering if any eggs I set in the incubator within the next week or so would be feathered enough to get through winter OK >?

Birds have a solid coop which is a redesigned wooden shed with attached runs coming out both sides. .

It has electrical outlets for fans in the summer and for a heat lamp in the winter months if needed.
I've hatched every month of the year with no problem. (Also using a Brinsea, welcome to the club!) Late season hatching just means keeping chicks under heat for 6-8 weeks rather than 4-5.

Once a bird is 8-10 weeks they are just as well feathered and cold resistant as any adult.
I've hatched eggs when it's snowing, just depends on if you brood outside or inside. I keep mine inside till they start getting feathers then I put them in the chick pen outside but if it's still too cold I have a heat lamp in the coop part for them.
Incubator is inside, of course...and large plastic storage bins which can double as a brooder box. Have screens to cover and heat lights. in the chicken coop proper, I havbe one area set up for baby birds with a "corral" and a heat lamp.

I just got my hatching eggs this morning and will put them in incubator tomorrow.

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