Lathargic Chicken, please advise


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012

I have a 4 month old Rhode Island White chicken that is acting very lathargic and ill. After reading many posts and doing some research online, I am even more confused.

She's been less energetic the last few days but today she will not stand on her own and doesn't seem to want to keep her eyes open for very long. We have NOT found anything to be wrong with her pooh- not runny or bloody- although she lives with 4 other gals so she may not be pooping at all and we haven't noticed.

We brought her in tonight out of the cold and put her in a crate. After reading some suggestions, we softened her feed with water which she ate when force fed. She also took some water through a dropper.

She seems a little (very little) more livey- still will not stand on her own or keep eyes open for very long though. These are our first chickens so we are just not sure if we should be taking more agressive action. Most of the issues with chickens have read about involve dishcharge, runny stool, etc. She does not have any of these issues. Just lethargy and not standing.

Oh, and maybe I should mention none of our ladies have started laying yet. We do not have a rooster.

Can anyone help or advise?

I'm a bit ignorant to what's "normal" for a chicken, but it's not flat or large. In between I suppose. Are there specifics I should look for? We have never wormed her, or any of our other chickens- we got them when they were 3 months old from a professional chicken breeder so I am not sure if they would have done anything special to them before we got them.
oops not sure I replied the right way.... I'm new!! LOL

okay so we got our girls from a professional breeder a little over a month ago. They were about 3 months old. We have never wormed them but I am not sure the history they had with the establishment we purchased them from.

Also, can you advise me what I should be looking for with the crop. I don't feel anything that feels odd but I am a bit ignorant about this.

After she has eaten if should feel like feed in there. First thing in the morning, before she has had anything to eat, it should be empty. If it feels like it is full of squishy liquid it could be sour crop.
Thanks for your reply. She actually didn't make it through the night. :( I feel good that we pulled her inside, so she passed peacefully in the warmth of her own crate but sill sad, of course. The other four chickens appear perfectly healthy. It's odd.

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