Lavender Orp Roos 6 MTHS (SOLD)

If you could let me know how much shipping would be I would probably buy one. Thanks!
Hi everyone who's wondered about shipping.. I have hit a dead end at my post office.. looks like the boxes are 30.00-60.00 dollars each, then shipping is additional and without having the bird and box they cant tell me .. my post office does not deal with this , then only recieved. So Im not willing to order boxes (don't have a clue what kind to even get) and have to pay for them to find out that shipping is outragious.. I know someone paid 85.00 to ship in 2 hens.. with out the box fee. too much for me to handle.. sorry.
Ok.. just got a call from a neighbor who ships birds all the time. My reserve on the auction is 25.00 ...

so she is sending me a link to the boxes.. they will drop ship to my house once you pay for it. then I'll get a weight on the roo. Im gonna get a guesstamate now.. She says its an express rate with no live animal handling fees.. thats good. so I need to go weigh a few birds and then figure out the weight..
OH>> hope everyone who'd messaged me and emailed me is checking here.. I cant seem to find all who have emailed me..

Everyone interested in shipping.. please give me your zip code.. thanks..
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OK>> this is the estimate only I've come up with for all of you wondering about price of box and shipping..
on top of the bird price (reserve is set at 25.00)

going on if the box weighes around 4.4 (my box may be up a size for these boys) plus a couple lbs for bedding and apple and guessmate weight of the bird.. (I hope )

OK.. just price out from 48416 zip code using EXPRESS mail to a TX zip follows

combined weight of 14lbs= 71.95
12lbs =66.30

its shows pretty consistant of adding 6.00 or dropping 5.00 per 2lbs increments.. Im basing this on my boys being around 8lbs.. they could be more or less.. but this is at lesat a starting point till I weigh the silly birds..
Its finding those high quality black orps.. still searching.. I may have to end up hatching out some eggs.. was hoping to find 3 almost ready to lay or just laying.. no luck yet.. cant believe how hard then are to find..

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