Lavender Orp Roos and 1 Mottled Orp Roo


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May 10, 2009
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I have 5 Lavender Orpington roos from Hickjc that I hatched out last fall. They are around 6 mths old ( I have their hatch dates writen down) I have one Lavender Mottled roo also, white legs instead of slate, great start maybe for anyone doing that kind of project. They are getting big and mature and my girls cant take THIS much riding. I would consider a trade for a couple black orpington POL or just laying hens. Theres some really nice roos , first come first serve, pickup only

OK>> not sure what all of you are doing for bidding , pricing etc.. I have not quite figured out whether you are really bidding or just privately messaging.. please send me an email or message if you are interested in one of this boys.

PICTURES taken a couple days before they turned 5 mths old.
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Maybe she would meet you half way.
hi, I won an action on ebay a little over $300 with shipping for 10 eggs, they were supposed to ship today but I havent heard anything and have ha no reply to my emails, I really want to join in developing these beautiful birds. You are about 4 hours from me and if for somereason, I cant get my eggs, I'll make the drive to get one or two or your roos, they are beautiful. You dont happen to have any black hens lying around do you?

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I NEED one. I have a black (lav split) pullet from Tony's eggs (from Hinkjc's flock), hatched 1/23 or so, so it will be a while before they can ride her. But if anyone else here in N.Cal wants one and we can talk Kassy into shipping & split it, I'm game.
I sure hope someone buys them, they are lovely.
Good luck on your eggs Jerry, I hope you get extras and 100% hatch

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