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I have an ee chick (that is probably a roo) but I think it might be lavender. Can someone describe to me or show me pictures of a lavender. The others are blue but this one is so much lighter. Thank you.
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There are actualy two of the chicks like that. They are pretty. I won't know if they breed true. If they are roos my friend is getting them If they are hens they will be just for eggs.
You can't have a Lavender Easter Egger unless someone's been working hard at breeding it in.
It is recessive and cannot be "created"

Sounds like a blue or splash to me
I have had 2 blue ameraucanas, one is light and one is dark blue but both are blue.
the neck feathers were darker then the bodies.
Here are some pictures. They are really pretty. They are much lighter than my olive egger. One looks barred or cuckoo. The one I am talking about is a super light gray.

Here he/she (probably he) is.

It is the one sitting down in the front. The one that looks "barred" is the one in the back to its right (left of the picture). the photo makes it look a little yellowish, but it isn't. the down is, the feathers are a super light gray.


Here is one of the blues:


Here they are from the top: I have it next to some blues so you can see the difference:


It is at the top here:
Blues can come in a variety of shades, from very light blue to almost black. I am betting it is a blue. Blue does not breed true. If you breed two blues together, you will get 25% splash, 50% blue and 25% black.

As Illia said, Lavender is a much rarer color, especially for an easter egger. Splash can be whitish color to a very very diluted shade of light blue, with streaks of blue in it. If you breed two splashes together, you will get all splashes, and the more you repeat this, the lighter the bird will become with fewer streaks in it.

Both lavender and blue are diluter gene's to black. Blue does not breed true and lavender does. Another way to tell them apart is by their feather shaft. You can tell if it is blue by the blue on the outward feather shaft that faces you. Lavender will have white shafts.

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