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8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
My wife and I have been taking our ducks to swim in a local creek since they were 12ish days old. Yesterday the game warden told me not to do it any longer. I checked the laws and found nothing that says I can't. Anyone else have this happen, or is it just me?
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It's likely for health reasons. He is probably worried about your ducks possibly spreading disease(no offense meant) or even them catching something from wild birds in the area.

Think of what would happen if someone brought a diseased duck to swim there and it infected a whole flock of migrating ducks or geese?
Understood. The thing I couldn't understand is there are no ducks in this area. But what you said makes perfect sence. Just so I get it out before I get jumped on, They are in perfect health. But I understand he woundn't have anyway of knowing that. Still I can't find a law against it. I'll take the advise anyway. Thank you.
Hmmm. If it's a park or reservoir, I can see why they would say that. Perhaps, though, there are waterfowl there that you can't see and that's why they're protecting. Diseases can hang around an area for a long time sometimes.

People bring their domestic ducks to the lakes/reservoirs, sometimes, in our area with no problem except that they may have to clearly mark them so that the park people don't think you're chasing after one of the park ducks.
they have leash laws you know, ha ha. i'm kidding, could you imagine the game wardens face if the next time he saw you down their you put them back on leashes and walked tehm home? Sorry i thought it was funny

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