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Four children, three dogs, and countless moles and grubs ago, I gave up on what used to be a showplace lawn. Now it is mostly clover, dandelions, and wire grass.

I/we now have chickens in a tractor and move it every day. We've been growing some brown top millet in little pots for them. The 13 chix are now approaching only 4 and 6 weeks old, yet they savaged a 3" pot (greenery, dirt, and most of the roots) of 4" millet sprouts in a matter of minutes! I suddenly have the urge to grow a nice lawn for the chicks, as they must be craving something that isn't there. DW, who is supposed to be the chicken lady, won't let me plant more clover.

I'd like to knock the rust off of the aerator and the broadcast spreader and put in something that the chicks would enjoy in the spring and the DW will tolerate.

My questions:
1. are there any grasses that chix prefer that could make a decent looking lawn?
2. are there any fertilizers/soil enhancers that can be applied that won't hurt the chix?

I am not interested in killing weeds, or eliminating any indigenous growth. I just want to add something that will be beneficial to our flock. Thanks!
If you have wild areas just put regular grasses in the lawn. The chickens will search the lawn for bugs and a few of the weeds that grow there. If they can get to you wild areas, then by all means plant some of that for the chickens. Just wait till they get older and can really start to scratch around. That 4" pot is just chick play.
We have so many predators in our area that their free-ranging opportunities will occasional at best and only under direct supervision. They will spend the majority of their time in the tractor. That is why I still need something good in the lawn for them.
I was able to get a little clover started in the fall as a quick fix. Now with spring around the corner I could use a lawn grass recommendation.

I'm not a lawn fanatic, but much of the clover will die in the hot dry summer.

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