Layed an egg with NO SHELL????

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12 Years
Aug 25, 2007
Florence, Alabama
Yesterday about an hour before it got dark and some of the chickens started comming back to the coop for the night I noticed that some body had layed an egg on the ground just inside the gate to the run but there was NO EGG SHELL with it. It looked like someone had just cracked open and egg and dropped it on the ground. I have heard about soft eggs on here before but I don't think I have heard anything about this on here.
I have only been getting 2 or 3 eggs a day from the 6 chickens that are now old enough to lay and yesterday we got 4 eggs not counting that Shell less egg on the ground. So now I am thinking that someone else is getting ready to start making me breakfast also.

Yep, sounds like you have a new layer!
Make sure they are getting plenty of free choice oyster shell and lay pellets now that they are big girls.
Yep, they have layer pellets in their feeder. The eggs we have been getting have really thick shells on them (much thicker than those store bought eggs). I have started saving their shells lately so I can grind them up and put it in with their food or treats.

I have had eggs several times with new hens that are just the membrane, and no shell. But to have one with no membrane, I'd say is really different. (...and kind of cool.) :eek:
How funny, I just found the same thing! Like someone cracked an egg on the driveway. No shell, no membranes, nada.

My littlest girls turned 20 weeks old yesterday, and Zoe started laying yesterday. But I had another egg from her today, so I guess the shell-free egg must be from someone else.
It could be a dietary deficiency!!? But i am not exactly sure because we used to have pigeons that would lay with no shell and we had to change their diets!

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