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    When we first got our chickens the kind of layer crumbles that was recommended to us was from a local Rural King. The amount of protien (16%). Recently I had to buy some from Orchelin (very close to our house). It's manufactured by the same company, but some % of ingredients are a little different, still 16% protien. However, when I compared the ingredients lists, the one made for Rural King seems to have some streptomycin in it, that the Orchelin doesn't. Is it considered a good idea, or is it not really an antibiotic.

    Additonally, does anyone know of a supplier that carries organic layer crumbles?

    Thanks for any advice. We are crazy about our chickens. We started with 4 Plymouths in the fall, and we added 4 RIRs in January. That was a challenge--integrate the new, younger girls, to the older girls. But we're getting almost 4 dozen eggs a week now!


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    You need to post your state in your subject line so people who are locals can direct you better. Medicated feed is usually used as a starter feed for chicks. Full grown layers need 15-17% protein rations and Meat birds need 20% or better when growing and 15% to finish. If you google organic feed and your location you should be able to find a supplier--just be prepared for a steep jump in price--however quality in equals quality out. You didn't say how old your chickens were or if they free range or not--which can also make a difference...
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    I'm in Bloomington, Indiana. With 4 plymouths that will be a year old in April or May, and 4 RIRs that are about 6 months old. All are laying.

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