layer feed is all I have. I need starter

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Jun 1, 2011
I have nineteen week old chickens, which the layer feed bag says is perfect. However, I also have chicks that are almost exactly two months younger. I ran out of starter (don't bother with grower/finisher) and I fed them layer and what was left in the bag. They are starving, and they can't eat the cat food I am trying to give them because they can't get in their mouths. All the organic food i have is rotting or spoiled, and i don't have any meat. I can't risk them going out because some can fly over the fence, and last time all i got was a massacre when they did. How am i supposed to feed eleven pullets that are too young to eat layer and two roos that aren't supposed to be fed it either?
If they are all together feed flock raiser or starter with oyster shell on the side. I did that for 2 months. It worked fine. Layer feed causes kidney damage if fed before laying age.
All i have is layer, and they will need to survive for a while (at least a day). I read that feed ing oyster shell to them will damage their kidneys as well.
Feeding them layer for one day will be ok just not all the time. With mixed ages I just feed grower to everyone with oyster shell on the side.Your young pullets will ignore the oyster shell till their laying and the grower won't be a problem for your older hens either in fact I seem to get an increase in eggs with the higher protein while I'm waiting for the kids to be old enough for layer.
Just put the oyster shell in a small container on the side don't mix it with the food. The older hens will take what they need.

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