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8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
South Carolina
I just bought some more layer feed today and I was just wondering... how much does everyone else pay for their 50 lb. layer feed? Cuz I just switched over from TSC which costs about 13.99 or 14.99 to 11.99 at a small town hardware store. How much does everyone else's cost and where did you get it?
I pay around $9.25 a 50 lb bag. Its a 18% protein and I get it mixed at a local feed mill.

Most recently at a local mill, $12.79 for Tucker Mills chick feed. Layer is about the same and comes in mini-pellets, which my girls LOVE. I won't be going back to TSC (the mill is closer too). I haven't checked the local feed store recently because starting this flock I got a bag of Purina chick starter infested with grain weevils. I'll be hard pressed to try again at that place.
I'm at about $10 a 50 but that includes bagging, delivery and unload at the farm, I get a ton at a time, its a special recipe too, so freashly ground at the time of order
I paid $10.23 for a 50 lb. bag today at our local feed mill. I paid $10.13 for a 50 lb. bag last week. The price is set on the price of corn the day before it is ground.

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