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Sep 11, 2020
Help! I have 22 week old chickens (RIR, Buffs, EE), none are laying. I am finishing up bag of food. I’ve read if they are not laying and get fed layer food, it can damage kidneys. (Also what if a few are laying and the rest are not?) I am willing to mix my own but just read changing them over from what they are used to (crumbles to my own mixed whole grain) can be detrimental. I can offer oyster shells but have not yet. I am concerned they need more protein. I don’t know what to buy...
I use 120lbs of All Flock Pellets with 20lbs of layer mixed in the feed bin. I keep extra calcium such as Oyster Shells, & Eggshells on hand in case anyone needs any extra calcium, which isn't very often.

My non layers usually go around the layer pellets anyway, same with the boys.
I've been feeding a Non-medicated Starter Grower feed or a All-Flock crumble 18 to 20% with Oyster Shells separately for 3 years.

I get nice eggs.

ETA; I offer Oyster Shells after 15 weeks old, before first egg. Pullets take as needed.
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I start feeding layer a few days/weeks before laying age. My rooster ate it all his 4 1/2 years with no problems.

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