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Jun 30, 2008
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I just bought some Dumor layer crumbles. I have week-old chicks. Can they eat this or should i return it and get a different type. i usually use a standard mash that is a very fine texture. Can the chicks manage a crumble?
No! You cannot feed that to chicks!

It is balanced for egg laying hens who need a lot of calcium. That extra calcium will damage the organs of non-laying birds and can cause death. You need a starter mash or crumbles, or a starter grower mash or crumbles. These have less calcium and more protein. You can get medicated or not medicated. Opinions vary so do a search here on the site.
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The layer formulation contains a very high concentration of Calcium in the feed. This is intended to help the Layer Bird budget her calcium reserves while laying eggs.

If the Layer Ration is given to birds that are not laying the high calcium content will cause irreversable damage to the bird.

Find a good quality Chick Feed for your babies.
When you talk about medicated feeds, I found some in a small bag and then medicated starter/grower in 50lb bags. I have so many chicks, a small bag would be eat up in a week! The large medicated feed bag doesn't have the imformation on it that the small bag does (different brands). I wonder if it is the same thing? I am looking to prevent cocci. and any chick infections because I had a scare & lost 4 out of 6 chicks in a cage. They were 2 weeks old and bam! My first infections out of 5 flocks of chicks.

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