Layers are Laying Less?

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    Mar 10, 2016
    We've had our layers for about 2 months now and the first two weeks they were laying like crazy, 5 hens and 3-4 eggs every day!!!It doesn't sound like much at first but they're close to 5 years old so not too shabby. Well then we moved the Roo back in (they all grew up together we had to temporarily separate due to him over breeding one hen) and now we're lucky to recieve an egg or two a day... Is the Roo causing this by stressing the hens or is it normal for less production? They're all healthy, receive calcium, water, feed, nice solid coop with adequate ventilation.... It's been nice out lately with today in the 70's so it's not too cold. Any suggestions?
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    Depending on the rooster it can be more stressful to have him around, good roosters relieve stress and make the hens feel safer. 5 year old chickens don't often lay regularly or that much, many have quit laying by that age. I would expect an up and down in production which is normal for all hens throughout the season. If you are worried about the rooster, I would observe your hens to see if he's bothering them or if they seem content.
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    Not sure why you would move him back in if he was over-mating before separation.
    Is he trying to make up for lost time?
    Did the hens welcome him back or attack him or hide from him?
    I'd move him back out and see what happens.

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