Laying already?

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    I did my early morning headcount.
    12 barred rocks.
    7 easter eggers
    1 wyandotte
    1 leghorn
    3 aussies
    3 orps
    4 rhode island reds
    4 new hampshires
    6 sexlinks. sexlink, Koume, is nowhere to be found. I hear scratching in the coop. I run inside-thinking the worst. She is buried under the bedding. My heart sinks as i uncover her and pick her up.

    Then she bit me, flapped back into her pile of hay, and began cooing.

    So i check her vent. Pelvis is seperated and butt is round. She is only 23 weeks old! Her comb and wattles are developed-but not nearly as much as my two layer girls. I have several going red at 22-23 weeks, but so did Rosie and she was 31 weeks before i got an egg.

    But as soon as she finished breakfast, back into the coop she went!

    23 weeks. Im stunned. [​IMG]

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    Dec 26, 2013
    cute chicken[​IMG]

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