Laying Behavior?


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Aug 18, 2009
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I am right at the maximum of 8 layers for two nest boxes and it is now rare to look in the nest boxes and not see one or two of the girls in there. If the nest boxes are occupied, can the other girls wait? How long does it take to normally lay an egg?

I've found one of the girls in the nest box for about 45 minutes. When she left, there was nothing there. Do they often just nest for nothing? And along that line, I've found a black australorp nesting on a green EE egg and not laying anything herself. Normal?

It is SO nice, after 6 months, to finally have questions about egg laying. Waa-hoo!!!
Its seem to me they need more nest boxes. Add in maybe one or 2 more.
Look for any redding of their combs, and look for squating.
For my hens, they would sit in the nest for about an hour daily before they started laying...

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