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    May 2, 2009
    Ive got 5 hens, actually 4, I just got home and found my new laying hen dead in the garage with feathers everywhere but her body was still there. Neighbor said she saw the neighbors dog out about. Major bummer. Before her untimely death she started laying 5 days ago, an egg a day, shes a RI Red and since laying she no longer ran from me but instantly squats down and lets me pick her up, same behavior with Leghorn who laid an egg a week ago. Sorry to say thats the only egg from the Leghorn since the first one. The crazy thing is my other 3 hens havent laid anything and still run away. only the the 2 layers do the squat. Any idea what thats all about. They are all 4 months young.
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    4 months is very young for them to be laying.

    Sorry about the one that got killed. I hope someone impresses upon the neighbor who owns the dog how important it is for him/her to keep the dog under control.
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