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    Jun 10, 2010
    I love this site... makes me feel like I can ask anything and not sound dumb. We have 19 very happy chickens but they have not begun to lay yet. There ages say it should be this month. After looking at some coops I am wondering if we put our boxes to high. Their roost that they perfer is as high so??? Maybe I am just over anxious as a new parent can be! Any and all ideas welcome and thank you for this site.[​IMG]
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    The roost should be higher than nests, to keep them cleaner. Chickens will usually try to spend nights in the highest spot available - a strategy they evolved to keep them safer from predators. If your nests are as high or higher than the roost, some of the birds often will choose to sleep in the nests, making the nests really poopy and nasty for egg-laying.

    Also, make sure your roost has enough space for the chickens when they get to their full size, at about a year old. And when the weather warms, they need more space between them to stay cool.
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    How high is too high? I'm just about to move my 6 girls from a 4' high 4x6 off-the -ground coop to a 7' high 7x11 with walk-in door, as soon as I install the roost and nest boxes.....
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    Anything higher than 3' (or at the most 4 feet high) should have a sloped ramp or intermediate spot for them to break their dismount. Otherwise, the birds, especially the big heavy birds, can injure their legs or feet when they jump to the floor from high spots, especially inside smaller spaces like coops, where they have to come straight down. If they fly up or down (as opposed to walking a ramp), they will use their wings, so make sure there's room for that flapping. I also like to have plenty of shavings and straw or other cushioning material on the floor, so landings are less hard on their limbs.
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    What wonderful information! I never gave it a thought about them not using the nesting boxes to roost in...It makes great sense! Wish I had figured that out sooner! Thank you!
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