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    I bought a Sussex hen last Monday from a woman who sells chickens at a local market for many years. I trust her. I bought a grey hen that looked to be just about laying age, so I had no expectations for eggs right away. But the Sussex hen is definitely an adult chicken as the woman had told me, and to me looks like she might be older than a year, maybe more. She has those long feathers that hang down a bit from the others around her butt and her shoulders stick out in silhouette. Otherwise she is happy, eating well and behaves normally, except after the first 5 days there were no eggs from her. She had a bit of stress the first couple hours from the other hens when I put them together but that calmed down pretty quickly.

    I think it might be normal with the relocation, but the woman told me she was laying.

    Just curious. I'l be back up at the farm tomorrow afternoon and hope to find one or two big ones next to the Banty eggs.

    I'm happy to have an older hen around in the hopes that she would sit on eggs.


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    The adult silkies that I bought took a few weeks to start laying. Give her some time to settle in.

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