laying eggs like getting cat nutred

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    sound weard but with all my maile cats as soon as they get snipped they become love bugs now my pheniox has been laying for about 3 weeks now and up to that point she wanted NOTHING to do with humans she would not even eat treats out of my hand the one time I had to pick her up seh almost broke her neck trhying to get away from me to avoid getting touched now that she is laying eggs she is a whole new chicken she lets all of us pet her she is the easyist to pick up and hold with no fighting to get away and when she comes in she wants to lay down next to me or on top of me ( I fell asleep this afternoon and woke up with her sleeping on my back) and yesterday my daughter was on teh swing and she jumped up and hung out with her for about 10 min let her pet her and everything its funny you go to pet her she squates down and hold her wings out a bit to her side its kinds of funny I think this is getting is the postion to be mated. DOSE SHE THANK HUMANS ARE HER ROOSTERS? I am not cmoplainng about her new loving way I really enjoy it so i was jusgt wondering is this normal for a chicken? My lilly and Cherrios has always been this way so no diffrence in them =,
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    I have a Buff Orpington (BO) who was very skittish for the first 5 months (which I thought was pretty weird for a BO). Anyways, once she started laying she turned into a total lovebug! I think you may be onto something with her thinking you're a rooster because my BO now runs up to me and squats like she's waiting to be mounted LOL (horney little girl [​IMG])
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    Most of my girls relaxed a bit as they started laying. The squatting is not just submission as a mating thing, she also realizes that you are dominant over her. Heheh.
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    Aug 20, 2010
    Yeah the squatting thing isn't sexual to a hen, she's just acknowledging you as dominant. In a roosterless flock, that's common. They do calm down once they start to lay.

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