laying flock reduction


9 Years
Dec 16, 2010
This is a sale for a flock of laying hens. DO NOT HIT BUY IT NOW. PM me if interested
These hens are all 2.5-3.5 years old, they aren't laying like machines anymore, but they would still be good for anyone that wants good eggs for a backyard flock.
The breeds include easter eggers (large eggs), dominiques (medium eggs), one partridge wyandotte, one cochin,one brahma, one silkie,. A total of about 20+birds.
I will sell them seperately if need be!
Most of these are hatchery birds, so their production level is a bit higher than show birds.
This is for pick up only.
Thanks and don't hesitate on asking any questions!
Ps-I have extra roos in several breeds if anyone wants them for $5.00
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I forgot to add that I am reducing my flock because I will only be dealing wth show quality birds now in a few breeds.
Our dominiques are from ideal hatchery, and are decent.....although I do have a dominique rooster that I got from a good breeder at the Ohio Nationals that I could sell with the hens if you were interested.

Here is the flock, one dominique hen and the roo.

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