Laying frequency and softed shelled eggs


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Mar 29, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have 5 girls that started laying around the mid August. I have a Cuckoo Marians, a Rhode Island Red, 2 Barred Rocks and a Lt. Bramah. One of my BR has one eye and a deformed beak, her head looked like is was smooshed in on one side and my Bramah has a crossed beak so they get wet mash with oyster shell mixed in Twice a day. I also have layer crumbles and oyster shells all the time. So most days I'm getting 5 eggs a day with an occasional 4 egg day. But just recently I've started getting a soft shelled egg every other day. And it's usually under the roost broken. I thought is was my CB chicken but it turns out it's not. And who ever this is the egg has turned from a light brown to a whitish egg. Any thoughts? Thanks!


Aug 15, 2021
Western WI
I wonder if it is from the Light Brahma, we have 3 Brahmas and they light brown eggs. Our BR lays a darker/reddish under tones egg. (I am not sure about the other two).

Could be her system working itself out, as they are newer layers but thinking who ever it is, isn't getting enough calcium/layer feed.

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