Laying hen with respiratory symptoms


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
I have 7 chickens that are all about eight months old. About a week ago I noticed that one of my Ameraucanas was gurgling when breathing and had discharge from her nose. The feathers on her neck appeared white and gunky. I assumed it was some type of respiratory infection and have been treating her with tetracycline for about five days. She still gurgles when breathing although the white on her feathers has seemed to decrease. She seems more lethargic than the others but will still run around, eat and drink. None of the others have started to show any of the same symptoms. I have quarantined her, but still let her outside during the day. She always seems better after running around. Should I be treating with something different? I was hoping she would be a bit better by now. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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