Laying in front of nest boxes


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Sep 11, 2013
Two of my girls just started laying. The first egg was just inside the shed door directly in front of the nest boxes, unfortunately i stepped on it not seeing it there.

Today I had two eggs, one from the same as a few days ago and the first egg from my polish hen. They both laid there eggs in the same spot as before directly in front of the nest boxes. I purchased 4 fake rubber eggs and placed them in 4 of the six nesting boxes, sure hope they get the idea ;)

The nest box is Opa's 6 box rollaway design. I currently have 8 hens soon to be 12 in total in a 6'x6' shed and a 30'x10' run with 6 nests, 3 on top of 3.

Will post picture tomorow of my coop setup and nesting box placement and see if I can improve it at all.
I managed to catch one of my RIRs getting ready to lay an egg this afternoon. I overheard the commotion and peaked into the coop. She was positioning herself on the shed floor directly infront of the nest box just as before. I picked her up and placed her in one of the nest boxes. She jumped out at first but eventually walked into the adjacent box and laid her egg. Hope she follows through tomorrow and teaches the other ones to use the boxes.

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