Laying in squirrel nest


8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
My first post, but I've been gleaning wisdom for a few months. First year, two chickens, in the city, free range--production red and americauna. Red kept disappearing; nesting, but I never could find her. Then one day I heard her sing an egg-laying song . . . above my head. She has been laying eggs in a squirrel nest about 20 feet up a white pine tree. (I kept her in the coop all day today until she laid an egg.) Has anyone else had such a thing happen?
ha hah ha that's funny! Maybe she doesn't want you to get them. I was happy the hen I have laid her eggs and went broody in the right place..3 hens are laying all together in the coop.but I have several coming of age that are game cross easter eggers that are in the woods all day long...I do a head count every night, I wonder how I will ever find one when it lays in the woods, lucky you heard yours, I'm going to bet mine won't announce anything.
There was a post somewhere about a Japanese bantam hen that laid a clutch in a bird's nest. They can locate the darnedest places to hide their eggs.
Thanks, y'all. Yesterday I let her out, and she spent the day in the squirrel nest . . . and tried to spend the night up there. My husband pulled her out and removed the nest, which had about six eggs in it. I guess she decided she had enough for a brood. She's cooped up again today.
My husband removed the chicken from the nest (she was trying to spend the night up there), then threw down the eggs (of course they broke, and they didn't smell very pleasant), then removed the nest. The hen has been either in the coop or the run ever since. No eggs yet. How long will it take her to start laying again?

Chickens are fun.

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