Laying in the nest box!


10 Years
Dec 6, 2010
Branchburg, NJ
We finally got our first egg!!!!

For some reason she decided to just drop it in the corner of the coop. She made a "nest" and dropped the egg. I have two nest boxes on the other side of the coop. They are lower than the roost (as recommended).

Might be the light? Its a 40w bulb that is only on for 4 hours once they go in the coop for the night. I check on them before the light goes out and they are all lined up on the roost in the coop.

How do I go about getting them to lay in the nest boxes, or should I just let them lay wherever they like?

Very exciting to get our first, little blue egg!

Here is a shot of the inside of coop showing the roost. The nest boxes are located on the side where the pic was taken. The first egg was found under the roost on the right side.

Try putting a golf ball in the nest box. We had one chick lay right off the roost. Needless to say, that egg did not make it. After putting golf balls in each nest box, all the girls are now laying in the nest. Keep the faith, she will find the right spot.
A couple of my girls started laying last week. My nesting boxes are on a small shelf inside my coop and they were laying under the boxes. I took a couple of wooden crates and blocked off that area and now they lay in the boxes
I had a golf ball in two nesting boxes. On a day I cleaned out coop completely and laid new shaving down. Immediately one of my RIR came in the coop. She went in the back corner under the roost and nested there for a while. Later that day she laid her 1st egg there. I removed the golf balls and place the egg in a nesting box. Everyday since she lays in the nesting box. My other RIR laid her first egg in the run area. I picked that egg up and placed in the nesting box as well. My Ameraucana's laid their first egg in the nesting box. I am hoping when my 2 Buff Orpington's lay, they will have figured out where to lay.

Good Luck!
Well, we put the golf balls in the nest boxes, and she laid another egg in the same place. Under the roost in the bedding, just like the first one. Its the same girl as both eggs are identical twins! Same color and size.
I have a 40watt bulb in the coop that is on for only 4 hours per night. Comes on at 7 and off at 11.
I have to put them in the coop each night. They have yet to go in by themselves.

The roost is higher than the roost boxes so they can now see the golf balls in the boxes.

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