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Jun 30, 2013
So Last weekend the chickens got moved into their "summer housing" This housing is 2 smallish coops in a large field adjacent to a horse field. They really love being where they are which is great, but now im having problems with their laying.

Most of them are laying in the box, but one is being stubborn and laying under the coop. The coop is low to the ground and a good quiet place to lay.. but not to get said eggs out by a person. I Cant block that area because they are in a field and I want them to have some place to get out of the sun and hide from hawks.

Any one have suggestions on how I can lure them back to laying in the nest boxes? Each coop has 3 boxes- 6 total, and I have 10 laying chickens at the moment.

(sry pic is sideways..)

thanks for any help :)

Ol Grey Mare

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
Given your setup it really isn't feasible to use the usual methods of retraining to the nest box. While I understand your concern regarding blocking access, I would do that (good stiff wire skirting that goes down to ground level will be able to be affixed without interfering with the wheels) and provide cover by using something as simple as pallets on blocks or, if you are so inclined, constructing something more substantial/better to look at. The cover can be done in such a way as to provide the benefits you want but elminating the issue of egg recovery. The other option, give the coops in question, would be to simply roll the coop forward/back a bit to retrieve the eggs.

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