Laying Pullets available, Riverside County CA


6 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Inland Empire, California
Laying pullets available in Menifee!! I believe all of these are laying (except the Speckled Sussex), we are certainly getting enough eggs!! If not, maybe one or two are close behind. Please excuse the mess, we have wet weather today and my daughter has beensick all week.

Pullets $25ea, Roos $5. Free roo if you buy multiple pullets.

Australorp, Partridge Rock, & Cuckoo Marans are 1 year

Silver Laced Wyandottes(2 avail), Partridge Cochin, and Whiting True Blue cross(1 pullet fairly certain she is laying a blue egg, one roo avail) hatched September 2017.

Speckled Sussex (NOT yet laying) hatched November 2017 (2 pullets and 2 Roos avail)

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