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Sep 11, 2012
I got 4 Ancona girls today from Craigslist they are my first experience with ducks. The guy I bought them from said they were laying earlier in the year but then he was just getting too many eggs so he took all his birds off of layer feed and just put them on corn. Is it possible to get them laying again this year by feeding them layer feed? They are younger birds just hatched this year. I'm just curious its would be nice to get some eggs from but im happy either way.
Layer feed has no effect on their laying abilities. They will lay when they are ready and have have plenty of daylight hours.

Also, layer feed should not be given when birds are not producing. There is no need for the extra calcium during the off season.
I think not all experiences are the same. I myself, have found I do seem to get better eggs from a layer mix than I would from corn alone for sure. Some folks don't use layer, but have a personal blend of mix grains from which they get great results. I think if you are trying to get a few birds to lay again, that I would go with the layer mix. With only a few birds, the cost is not much to feed them. I would give them layer mix and also be sure they are getting 14 hours of light min. a day. I personally lock up my layer ducks at night, and turn on a low wattage light all night. (Although, I've been known to use a timer that goes on at 7pm and off at midnight.)
Anybody else have an opinion on this?
I do, corn is not enough for ducks they need an all round feed with good nutrients, corn can be mixed in but not feed solely, it's usually recc. corn 10% layer or all flock 90%.. If this years ducks they will probably not lay till next year which is giving their bodies a chance to develop and be ready, I beg to differ on using light to keep duck/chickens laying through the winter months, they need a rest so their in peak condition when spring comes and mating / laying season starts up, Usually when my ducks hit 5 months old I start adding Oyster shell on the side to go along with their feed, that way they are getting the extra calcium they need to start laying those hard shelled eggs. I don't use Layer because I have drakes and gander and roosters. You may still get some eggs from these girls which makes me think you should get them oyster shell to get their bodies ready but with the dwindling daylight I really think it will be next spring before you see any eggs. Feeding a good quality diet will get them in their peak though for next egg laying season. Congrats on your ducks I wish you and them all the best. And maybe post some pics of your new girls we love pics..
if animals are not provided a proper diet (like the man who sold you the ducks was feeding only corn <corn= junk food as a stand alone diet>) then the animal will not perform at its best. It all starts with proper nutrition. Some believe it is ok to light induce laying, we do not. Ducks have X number of eggs to lay in a lifetime, let their bodies rest and allow them to produce when is best for them.

They are settling in with you, give them time, they will be laying for you.

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