Laying rates for different breeds?

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  1. Now that my O.C. hubby is finally starting to take an interest in my poultry endeavors, he’s asked that I compile a chart of the breeds I have, along with their laying habits so he can gauge the egg production per breed. I realize there are many factors & these would be averages & estimates and I also realize that many of the rare breeds are rare because they are poor layers or have poor fertility rates.

    This chart will also help with my “bargaining” with the number of birds I have—i.e. poor layers, I may be able to have four hens per one roo, vs. a pair or a trio.

    Nearly all of the breeds I have at this moment, I've never owned during their productive I'm pretty much clueless as to what lays what, (or doesn't).

    Is there a chart somewhere on the internet that shows different breeds & their laying habits?

    Something like:
    Average # of eggs per week
    Average # of eggs per month
    Price per 1/2 dozen
    Potential Profit per month

    If not, can anyone elp me figure it out?

    Here are the breeds I expect to have laying next spring:
    Bantam Chickens
    Porcelain d'Uccles
    Salmon Faverolles

    Standard Breeds of Chickens
    Light Brahmas
    Golden Laced Cochins
    Lemon-Blue Cochins
    Blue/Splash Cochins
    Blue Orpingtons
    Salmon Faverolles
    Black Sumatras
    Mottled Houdans
    Appenzeller Spitzhauben

    Muscovy Ducks
    (chocolate pieds, black pieds, blues, barreds)
    Sebastopol Geese
    Black Cayuga Ducks

    Bantam Waterfowl
    Bantam Silky Ducks

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    Well, on My Pet Chicken they have some good egg stats on their breeds page. Go to "about chickens'' on the top, scroll down and click on "breeds list" then click on the different breeds you want.
  3. Thanks, I'll try that out!
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    Aug 4, 2008
  5. Oohhhh, thank you!
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    There is an amazing excel spreadsheet that lists the number of eggs laid, on average, along with a bunch of other specs:

    Go to the Chicken Breeds section and you can download the excel from the bottom of that page.

    Not only does it give the average number of eggs per year, but average size of hen and average size of egg. Your husband could have a field day figuring out feed:egg ratios and all kinds of stuff!

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