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    So I just spent a chunk of my morning reading about how long it takes hens to lay their first egg, signs too look for showing they are getting close, etc. As a first time chicken owner, and as many of you know, waiting for that first egg is very exciting. My chickens are 18 weeks old, and I finally built their nesting boxes last weekend.

    I put straw into the nesting boxes for the nest material, and just sort of scattered it in each one. Yesterday I had noticed that several had been made into nest shapes. How exciting, thought I!

    After reading all about egg laying this morning, I thought to myself, "I really should go take a look around the yard for eggs that might be MIA." (I've heard sometimes that first egg doesn't make it in the nest box) When I walked into my yard, I quickly realized there were no roosters. They usually make their presence known very quickly. I looked around the yard, in the garage (I had left the door open), no roosters. Then I took a peek into the coop. [​IMG] Oh, if only I'd had my camera!! (How many times have you thought that when witnessing spontaneous chicken antics??)

    There, in the nesting box, was my big Welsummer rooster, carefully making a nest. Looking on were a hen and the little bantam rooster. When the Welly spotted me watching him, he squatted down into the nest, and I swore he was going to lay an egg right there in front of me. [​IMG]

    I had a moment when I thought about rushing into the house to try and retrieve the camera, but thought better of it, knowing full well that I needed to see how this played out with my own eyes (I guess this is why we have no good pictures of UFO's). A minute passed... The rooster stood... Drumroll please................

    No egg. I repeat, he did not lay an egg. However, he made some highly impressive nests in there! The hens are going to have it easy when it comes time for them to lay. For now, I guess I'll just let the rooster continue to play house in the boxes. [​IMG]
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  2. Too funny!

    Do you have a picture of your rooster? How confident are you that "he" is not a she?

    I only ask because that sounds so much like what my hens did right before they started laying!!

    If he IS a boy... you might want to give him a bow for his head. Looks like he may have some gender identity issues he needs to work through. Give him time, these things are always so complicated and all you can do is try to understand and support him as much as you can...


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    He's a gentleman. A good rooster will make a nest and woo (via a chittery type noise) the hens to show them it's a good place to lay.
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    Here is my "Wooster" [​IMG]

  5. Ooooh! QUITE the lady's man!!!!

    He's super pretty!
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    Lordy, he's gorgeous! He will make a good chicken husband, lol....... :)
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    Too funny!
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    Good looking rooster! Loved your post BTW, got a good kick out it :)
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    Here is my 23 week old silkie roo sitting on the nesting box
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    My oh my love the stance! It just has tough guy rooster all over it. LOVE IT!
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