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9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
To start, I just moved back to the country and decided I needed to raise chickens as companions to my to my two horses, one donkey, three pigs, five dogs soon to be four, for reasons you will understand shortly, and three cats. I started by purchasing twenty, what were claimed to be pullets [falsely advertised lol] and five straight runs figuring a couple would be roosters. After finally realizing it was my one year old German Shepherd that was reducing my potential for eggs, my flock now numbers sixteen four of which are roosters. I guess the females were easier to catch. I now believe it was a mistake, but when my flock reached the age of accountability, so I thought, I allowed them to free range. I also thought it was neat that they were roosting in the rafters of my barn. Skip forward a couple of months, two weeks ago I started finding eggs strung out all over my barn and surrounding area. I now realize it would be easier to collect eggs, and now they are good, if I could get them to lay in the laying boxes. How can I train them to roost and/or just lay in the coop. The coop is approximately twenty-four by thirty with one of those sheet metal stacked laying boxes with ten nests. Can they be trained to return to the coop. I have locked them within the coop for the last week, but I miss having them follow me around while I work around the barn and pasture.
Thanks in advance.

Ps. Sorry if I posted in the wrong location. I am new to the site.

Keep them locked in for a couple of weeks and afterward you can let them freerange again and they'll (for the most part) go back to the coop to lay.
Golf ball or fake eggs in the nesting boxes where they should lay - give them a great idea of where to lay!!
Also just let them free range in the afternoons for a few hours prior to sunset - they will quickly get the right idea
Thanks for the help. I will try letting them out late in the day in a couple of weeks.

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