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Jul 21, 2016
Magna, UT
Most everything I read says that hens lay from early to mid-morning and not to expect eggs after that. While I do collect eggs at this time of day often, I also often find eggs in the afternoon and sometimes early evening. I check the brooder boxes multiple times a day, so it's not that I find them at these times because I haven't looked earlier. I just think it's an interesting quirk. Anyone else have this experience with their ladies?
They can lay later in the day too....each bird is different.

It takes about 25 hours for an egg to form, a new ova is released shortly after an egg is laid.
A new egg could be laid approximately every 25-26 hours, so an hour or so later every day until one is laid late in the day and another ova might not be released until the following day, so a day off. BUT..very hen is different and only time will tell what a particular hen/pullets schedule might be. Not every hen/pullet lays every day..some only lay a few a week.
Good to know it's not just me. I thought it seemed strange that with a 25 hour cycle for laying (on average) hens would only lay in the morning hours. I had a hard time picturing a hen, ready to lay an egg, holding it in and telling herself, "Nope! Hold it in! Wait for tomorrow morning!" Haha!
Yes - I collect before noon and will often have several more eggs in the nest when I get home in the evening after work.
I have 3 chickens out of 5 laying and they seem to be early afternoon/late evening layers. 2 lay around 10am and the other lays around 3 or 4pm... Sometimes they will lay late, than early the next morning. I always thought chickens lay in the morning but mine sort of lay whenever they want I guess. :D

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