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    I have 18 hens that are 32 weeks old. They all have layed several times and I have got 18 eggs a few days. I had been averaging 16 eggs a day for a couple of weeks then this week they started not laying as well. today and yesterday I only got 13 eggs. I'm just wondering what the cause could be. I have 5 roosters, going to take care of 3 of them soon could that be the cause? too many roosters. Also my chickens have been getting scared several times a day all this week, I'm not sure what it is but they freak out, is that the case and if it is how could I calm them down. Now hawks do nest in the woods behind the pen and there's lots of big tomcats around the woods but typically they don't freak out that much. Any info would be great.

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    Yes on too many roosters.

    You may have something getting into your coop.
    If you have a outside run, does it have a roof over it ?
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    We have chicken wire on the top. Could squirrels squeeze through the wire and carry off the eggs ?


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